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Get tips and tricks for your best Disney foodie experience! Follow as we discuss restaurants and iconic treats from the different parks and resorts! We’ll also let you know where to get each treat! If there’s something you love that we haven’t covered, leave us a comment!

You’re getting STOKED about your trip to Disney and your dining reservation window is about to open up…but WHAT do you book? Should you book? Can you just get something when there?

The answers can be a bit different for everyone, but I’d highly recommend determining what is important to you and your family, and book based on that. For me, a huge part of going to Disney is eating great food. I’m not a big fan of random theme park food that I can get anywhere. I don’t go to Disney and get a burger & fries or chicken tenders. I want to try new things and have an experience that I will always remember. I do plan for this in my budget, and make choices accordingly. I would rather stay at a moderate/value resort and spend more money on food. I can easily say “no” to most souvenirs and will hang out in a line rather than paying for Genie+ or Lightning Lanes….but when it is time to book dining reservations- I’m READY. Not everyone’s priorities are the same, nor is everyone’s budget the same. Figure out what is most important for your family and focus on that.

Now that you know MY Disney priority- Let’s talk Disney food! Park by park- Resort by resort; We will discuss eating options and iconic park treats. Are they worth it? Do they live up to the hype?

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